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The Sci-Fi Channel has announced it is creating a new Battlestar Galactica series, but without the use of the original ship, characters, villains, or storylines. [UPDATE: I believe they have reconsidered and are including the Cylons.] In other words, they're cashing in on the popularity of the Battlestar Galactica name without forking over the cash to pay the actors from the original series. Tacky, tacky. Especially since Richard Hatch has spent the past few years, lots of time, energy, and money whipping up enthusiasm among BG fans for a return of a series based on the original.

Write the Sci-Fi Channel and let them know how absurd it is to create a whole new series when the basis of the tried-and-true original is already available. Let them know that BG fans won't accept the unknown when their beloved original characters are there ready to be expanded and explored. Let them know a totally revamped series won't be tolerated by the loyal fans of the original.

Unfortunately, the only outcome of this will be the nay-sayers' opportunity to exclaim, "I told you so!" When this new, totally revised BG fails with fans (and it will fail: fans of the original won't support it because of its non-connection to the original series and new fans it will lack the numbers to carry it in the ratings, the fate of most new series), then everyone who had doubts about bringing back Battlestar Galactica can say, "I told you it wouldn't work," without taking into consideration that the new series had nothing in common with the original except the title.

In 1979, Richard Lynch guest starred in a two-part episode of Battlestar Galactica titled "Gun on Ice Planet Zero". The following season, the series became Galactica 1980 and Mr. Lynch portrayed Xavier in a three episode arc. (The character of Xavier was brought back for later appearances but was then played by the late Jeremy Brett.)

Twenty yahrens later, Battlestar Galactica is poised on the brink of a comeback... that is, if anyone can figure out who owns the rights. Glen Larson has announced a big screen movie in the works. And Richard Hatch (Apollo) has been soliciting Universal to support another series, starring as many of the originals as can be enticed to return plus new characters. Maxing out credit cards and engaging many cast and crew that would work for free, Mr. Hatch has produced a "mini-movie" to showcase the new series.

Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming

The trailer for the proposed Battlestar Galactica series by Richard Hatch (Apollo in the original series) has been shown at various conventions around the country since 1999. Stills from the trailer can be viewed at Hatch's site BattlestarGalactica.Com. A thumbnail picture of Richard Lynch as Count Iblis can be viewed at Trailer Preview: Fifth Batch. A larger picture can be seen at Large Richard Lynch Pic. (Note: Legal Terms and Conditions of Use at BattlestarGalactica.Com restricts the usage of materials found at their website. Otherwise I would have posted the pic of Mr. Lynch here. Please read and abide by their rules.)

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*****YOU CAN HELP!*****

Beginning Tuesday, November 2, 1999, a letter writing campaign is underway to help bring back Battlestar Galactica. For details see the Battlestar Galactica page. They have a form letter to download and print out. They suggest downloading fonts, but fail to mention which one is needed. Only the "GalacticaBats" font is used in the form letter. Now, since Mr. Lynch has a role in the trailer that Richard Hatch produced to promote the return of BG, we can only "hope" that he will be a part of the proposed series. There has been no official word that he will. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the success of bringing back BG, as well as Mr. Lynch being a part of it! It would be great to see him on TV every week once again. :)

The original Battlestar Galactica has returned to The Sci-Fi Channel.

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