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Romana Kruisz
I searched for you through aeons
                           of emptyness and harm
In all those gruesome centuries
                           I tried to keep me calm
I know you´re on this planet
                           I feel it in my heart
Call you across the distance
                           pleade for another start
I guess I have to find you
                           somewhere around this globe
To get freedom and salvation
                           for that´s my only hope
Give me the chance to know you
                           please come into my life
To me you are the ocean
                           where I would love to dive
Let me explore your habits
                           and sink into your eyes
Burn me with your attraction
                           guide me with your advice
I feel you´re coming nearer
                           while years and years go by
The search may last forever
                           my love will never die ...
©1998 Romana Kruisz
All rights reserved