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I received this through the e-mail from SydBytes. Thank you for allowing me to post this and share with everyone!

My Favorite Acting Teacher

I go to the Actor's Studio in CA. Its an acting school run by, and taught by, actors. Twice a year they host a show case where want-to-be actors can perform monologs or scenes from movies or plays in front of real agent. (and hopefully, convince them that they are the best actor for their agency.) Sometimes, Richard Lynch would do a special class where he would take time out form his busy life and come and help the wannabes with their work.

I had know idea who he was at the time, but I liked him very much. He is just a wonderful teacher. He had people in the class do an acting exercise, where we would relax for about five minutes and then we were to keep our eyes closed and imagine that we are holding something dear to us. It had to be something that we touched ever day, like a cup, or a pen. This was called having a "personal moment". It was to help the actor open up in front of the camera.

Mr. Lynch was a very nice man. He talked a mile a minute. Like he would be expelling to the class about acting skill, and suddenly break into a story about an acting experience he had in such and such a movie. He could be hyper at times too. He would jump out of his chair suddenly, and start to reenact his first acting job where he was working with Al Pacino with his hands shaking on the copy.

He made everyone of us feel like we were the best actors he'd ever seen. He could make anyone look good, even the worst actor in the class. Something else I remember about him, was his laugh. He had a sort of snort laugh. That made me want to giggle. But I didn't.

I just wanted you to know that Mr. Lynch isn't only an actor, he is also one of the best acting teachers I've ever had.


The Other Richard Lynch

If you've ever put the name Richard Lynch into a search engine or directory, then you know there are dozens of them out there and it takes a while to sort through to the one you're looking for. And you might have also noticed there is another actor named Richard Lynch.

The Internet Movie Database lists them as Richard Lynch I (the American actor whom this Tribute site is dedicated to) and Richard Lynch II (the British actor). IMDB has their filmographies straight, but other places like Hollywood Online mixes their filmographies up under one name. (I e-mailed Hollywood Online about this several months ago, but so far nothing has been done about it.)

So, beware of these film titles. They do not include the American Richard Lynch:

"The Proposition" (1997)
"Darklands" (1997)
"The Lifeboat" (1994) TV Series
"Branwen" (1994)
"Thicker Than Water" (1993) (TV)
"The Christmas Stallion" (1992) (TV)
"The Healer" (1992) (TV)
"Milwr Bychan" (1986)
... aka "Boy Soldier" (1986)

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