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Richard Lynch in Vampire by Valery.
A pencil sketch of Anton Voytek.

Unleashed by Susan Forrister
A poem inspired by a photo from the movie Good Against Evil.

Vampire II: Damnation and Desire by Lanette Curington
Novella: The unofficial sequel to Vampire.

Coffeehouse by Susan Forrister
Short story: What happens when an immortal meets an Immortal?

WindLegends Saga by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Published author Charlotte Boyett-Compo has written a series of dark fantasy romance books, the WindLegends Saga. Her tribute to Richard Lynch is the continuing character High Priest Kaileel Tohre. Includes excerpts from the first book, The Keeper of the Wind.

Eternity by Romana Kruisz
A beautiful poem describing the eternal search for love...attainable or not.