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Members of the Richard Lynch
Mailing List and Fan Club

(in alphabetical order)

Malin Appelberg

I'm Malin, a 29-year-old librarian who lives in a small cottage on the Swedish eastcoast.

I've been enjoying the performances of Mr. Lynch for a couple of years now and I especially admire his intensity and screen presence and his ability to just walk in and steal the whole show. Among my favourite movies are God Told Me To, Urban Justice and Puppet Master III.

Shelly Arnold


"Scientists say one out of every four people is crazy. Check three friends, if they are OK, you're it."

Likes include; literature, movies specially the classics and horror, variety of music with a passion towards the heavy side

Some of my favorite things are; Tweety, swimming in the rain, the night, cherry snow cones, the color black, Canada, Mr. Mojo Risin, Dr. Frank N Furter, strawberry smoothy, walking, driving to fast, and the color purple.

Lanette Curington

How did I spend my Christmas vacation? In 1997, I created the Tribute to Richard Lynch website. I have been a fan since the first time I set eyes on him in the TV movie "Starsky and Hutch". His name was not listed in the credits, so I had no idea who I had watched in awe and wonder. I didn't know how to find him again. A year or so later, I caught "The Seven-Ups" on TV and that's when I discovered his name! After that I scoured the TV Guide every week for years, watching shows I normally would not watch just to see Mr. Lynch perform. (Even so, I found out I had missed quite a few after I started scouring the net to make as complete a filmography as possible.) Every performance is a great performance, every role a great role, but I have to say my favorite is the The Fall Guy ep, "Pleasure Isle". Moon from The Seven-Ups is a close second.

I added to the Tribute whenever I found new bits of info on the web. I have tried to make it interactive as well as entertaining instead of just a list of links. Late January 1999, I had a notion of making a mailing list. So I created the RichardLynch list at eGroups (formerly OneList). The list has grown greatly over the past year and a half or so (as of 8/00). And I have made some wonderful friends! We have fun talking about the movies and TV shows Richard Lynch has performed in, but we also share of ourselves, our joys and sorrows, our accomplishments and failures. We have become a part of one another's lives and for that I will always be indebted to Mr. Lynch...for bringing this great group of people together. We're always looking for new victims--er, members, so please join us! <g>

On Good Friday, 2000, I recieved an e-mail from Mr. Steven Kiefer from Hollywood Memories, a movie memorabilia store. He had shown Mr. Lynch the Tribute and Mr. Lynch wanted to get it touch with me to thank me. I received a letter from him. While I never created the site with the idea of him ever seeing it, I was thrilled beyond words. He is truly a gracious man that makes me proud to be a fan!

Michael Patrick Sullivan

My name is Michael Patrick Sullivan and I'm indeed proud to be a Richard Lynch fan.

I'm 35 (36 on August 26),live in Michigan with 3 cats,one being human. Her name is Lori and the two other cats are Geri and OSK or O for short.

I work at a large supermarket chain and also am a student taking a advanced computer class. I also publish two ezines,"Here and There"which covers various topics and "The Spotlight Is On:" a interview style of ezine. For 12 years I worked as a talent buyer,booking acts into various venues across the country.

I first became a Richard Lynch fan when I noticed he did every single Aaron Spelling/Glen Larson series on TV and always played a heavy. I noticed he acted with conviction in every role he did,no matter how awful the part. I was glad to see him a good guy in "Delta Fox" and "Alligator 2",I thought he was more fun as a good guy then the typical heavy. My favorite roles are the VEGAS ones and also as the tough Delta Fox. Thanks for allowing Lanette to run such a warm tribute site to one of our most underrated talents acting today.....

Edna Thomasson

Born 06/18/60

West Virginian all my life.


RL Fan since I first saw him and always will be :)

Anne Whitehurst

DOB 12/5/52
Live: Denver, Colorado; single, live with Gremlin, my spoiled black cat
Work: As quality assurance specialist in the Social Security Disability program

I first noticed Richard Lynch years ago on "Starsky and Hutch" when he played a serial killer of taxicab drivers, and was impressed with his acting ability. A year or two later saw him in "Vampire" and noticed more than that! What a handsome vampire! Saw him several times on TV in the late 70s and always enjoyed his performances as villains. Then lost track of him for a long time until the beginning of this year. Thanks to Lanette, her website, and the mailing list I began tracking down his movies. What a wide variety of performances he has given! Wow. Most of them are villains, but no two are ever the same. And all of his characters are gorgeous, although he shows many different faces in his different movies. My favorite is still Anton Voytek in "Vampire", but I enjoy Pendragon in "Merlin" almost as much. It was exciting to learn that he is now attending various sci-fi conventions around the country, and I'm looking forward to meeting him at one--if not here in Denver, then perhaps maybe at DragonCon in Atlanta next year. Richard Lynch rules!

To join the Mailing List: send a blank e-mail to

To join the Fan Club: On September 2, 2001, Mr. Lynch made the members of the mailing list an "official" fan club. Until it can get organized, you can join the OfficialRLFC mailing list at YahooGroups by sending a blank e-mail to This is an announcement only list, to announce details about the fan club as they become available.

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