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Screen captures from Vampire (1979)
Role: Prince Anton Voytek
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Anton rises! with Kathryn Harrold and Jessica Walter

"I feel as if a very warm and deep friendship has just begun."

with Jason Miller Angry Anton

"I trusted you, Rawlins, and that trust cost me everything I treasure.
I assure you, you'll be repaid . . . in kind."

Anton in jail. Anton in attack mode! Bends steel with his bare hands--oops! Wrong superhuman. Anton running to beat the dawn.

"All I ever wanted to do was love the both of you."

Lucky girl!

"I felt enormously drawn to you that night. Let me hold you. Please, just for a moment, please."

Anton threatens John Rawlins. Anton goes for the kill.

"Do you hear it, Rawlins? It's the sound of blood beating in your heart."

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DISCLAIMERS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Background scans of publicity stills from Vampire provided by Deanna Dube' (Thanks, Dee Dee!) and were graphically manipulated by me expressly for this page. DO NOT TAKE IT! Other graphics were created by me specifically for this page. DO NOT TAKE THEM! Quotes are taken directly from the movie. Copyright holders retain the rights to their material. Screen captures are not meant to infringe on anyone's copyrights, but to showcase Mr. Lynch's extraordinary screen presence.