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Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch conducts seminars on acting. Information at Actor's Seminars.

(Dead link. See Disclaimer at bottom.)

This photo from the We Are Angels website. This was an Italian series that ran from 1995-1996 and starred Bud Spencer of the Trinity movies.

Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch

This photo found at PicPal Salutes Character Actors. A similar photo accompanied the World of Fandom interview. It is from Terminal Virus.

As Justin Preminger on The Phoenix. This photo taken from Karmilla's Krypt. Episode guide for
The Phoenix can be found here.

Richard Lynch

The Ultimate Bad Guy!
Check out Castboy's celebrity photo site.

From the tv movie Vampire. This photo came from
A Fan Page Dedicated to Richard Lynch.

With the staff of Magarita Ville Restaurant in Angeles City, Phillipines.

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