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More pictures and video covers... Enjoy!


The Consummate Villain!
Mr. Lynch has inspired the continuing character of Kaileel Tohre in published author's Charlotte Boyett-Compo's WindLegends Saga. Read all about it at
The Keeper of the Wind.

Video cover from Warrior of Justice.
Found at Amazon.Com.
Video is available.

Warrior of Justice

RL as Scuba in Little Nikita

As Scuba from Rio's Attic.
A website thoroughly exploring River Phoenix's life and career.

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Disclaimer: Displaying these pictures is not meant to infringe on anyone's copyright. Each picture is credited with where I found it. Some links are dead, but I'm leaving the information to show where the graphic came from. If the copyright holder wishes me to remove the picture, I will do so, but with great sadness.