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I've got a wonderful little gadget...Snappy!
Stay tuned for more and more screen captures!

You're welcome to take any of the pics to put up on your site as long as you follow these simple rules:

1.) Save the picture to your harddrive and upload to your server. DO NOT link to my server. Besides it being poor netiquette, the directories will change from time to time.

2.) Do not alter or manipulate these screen captures in any way without asking permission if they are to be displayed on a web page or distributed to others in some way. That said, if you wish to make wallpaper or screen savers for your own personal use, go for it. If you'd like a background/border set made with any of the pics, just ask!

3.) Give credit where credit is due. Please link back to the Tribute to Richard Lynch site at

That's it! Follow the rules and enjoy!

To view screen captures, click on a link below:

Enemy Action

Hunter: The Legion (Part II)

Invasion USA

The Mitera Target

Scanner Cop


A big thanks to my friend Kathy Dickinson for providing the screen captures below:


The Seven-Ups, 1973.

Billy O'Dell/Richard Rose
Jake and the Fatman, 1991.


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