Formerly known as the Tribute to Richard Lynch

Enter The Official Richard Lynch Website

As of September 2, 2001, this is now The Official Richard Lynch Website!
When Mr. Lynch and I met at Dragon*Con 2001, he made it official! :)

Enter The Official Richard Lynch Website

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This is the Richard Lynch Fan Club announcement only list.

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Almost 200 screen captures from various movies and TV. More added as time permits!

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Enter The Official Richard Lynch Website

DISCLAIMER: This disclaimer used to say that this isn't an official site and that I'm not connected with Mr. Lynch in anyway. All that has changed! Mr. Lynch made the site official on September 2, 2001 when we met at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I'm still not really connected to him except that I've met him in person! *g* He's a wonderful, gracious man, and I am deeply grateful to him for bestowing his blessing upon this humble site. The Official Richard Lynch Website (formerly known as the Tribute to Richard Lynch) is maintained out of love, not profit. Copyright holders retain the rights to their material. All screen captures are not meant to infringe on anyone's copyrights, but to showcase Mr. Lynch's extraordinary screen presence.
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