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Richard Lynch will make an appearance on the TV show Charmed on February 16, 2003!

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The official WB Charmed page.

The Charmed Ones
An excellent fan page.


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Photo signed at DragonCon 2000

Susan surprised me with this,
from DragonCon 2000. Thanks!

Photo signed at DragonCon 2000

Dana got this for me
at DragonCon 2000. Thanks!


Visit the CURSE OF THE 49ER website! Curse of the 49er
Visit THE MUMMY'S KISS website! The Mummy's Kiss
Visit THE ANCIENT WARRIORS website! The Ancient Warriors

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The Official Richard Lynch Fan Club

When Mr. Lynch and I met at Dragon*Con 2001, he also made the fan club official! Until details can be worked out, the fan club is the mailing list below. It is an ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY list, to deliver information about the fan club to your mailbox. For now, it is an Open list, members can join freely. If you'd like to chat with other RL fans, join the mailing list RichardLynch (the link is a little farther down the page).

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Have a look at Here and There, an interactive music e-zine edited by our own Michael Sullivan.


Check out Issue #38 of VideoScope for an interview with the Vampire, Richard Lynch, by our own Susan Forrister! She met him at Dragon*Con 2000, and he graciously agreed to the interview. To order, visit the VideoScope website.


Articles I had an article posted at "The Vines Network", but The Vines has died on the vine. (Pun intended. :) The Official Richard Lynch Website will be putting out a newsletter in the future, and I've decided some version of the article, "Richard Lynch: Good Actor Gone Bad" will be included in that instead of just posting it to the site. Stay tuned for more news concerning the newsletter and the official fan club in the near future!

Vote! Vote For Your Fave Richard Lynch Role
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Go to The Sexiest Actor and vote for Richard! I've already added his name to the poll, now let's go vote!

Who played the best vampire? Richard's name has already been added to the list. (Thanks, Shelly!)

The Battlestar Galactica Connection
Battlestar Galactica is gearing up to make a comeback to television if Richard Hatch (Apollo) has his way. Richard Lynch had a role in the trailer Hatch produced to generate interest in the renewal of the show. Includes relative links and how you can help bring back Battlestar Galactica.


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Richard Lynch Calendars
Oops! I kinda got behind in the calendar biz. This is a dead link until I can get around to it again. My apologies!

Screen Captures
Over 200 screen captures from various movies and TV shows.
More coming soon!

Photos from
the Web
Pics of Mr. Lynch I've found across the web.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Roles and Credits
Here you'll find an extensive listing of Mr. Lynch's TV, movie, etc. appearances. It is as complete as I can make it. But just when I think I've got them all, I discover another! If you know of anything I've missed please let me know.

Role Reviews
My thoughts on Mr. Lynch's performances. Only a few are covered at this time. More will be added when I get the time.

Upcoming Projects  
News about new movie projects Mr. Lynch is working on, that I've been able to find mentioned on the web. If anyone knows of any others, please let me know!

Interviews VideoScope Magazine
Richard Lynch interview by our own Susan Forrister conducted at DragonCon 2000. Order Issue #38.

World of Fandom interview
A synopsis of the World of Fandom interview with Mr. Lynch.

Inspirations Inspirations
Vampire sketch by Valery
"Unleashed", a poem by Susan Forrister
"Vampire II: The Unofficial Sequel to Vampire" by Lanette Curington
Crossover fanfic (Vampire/Highlander) by Susan Forrister
The WindLegends Saga by published author Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"Eternity" by Romana Kruisz

If you have any poems, stories, artwork, etc. for or inspired by Richard or the characters he has portrayed, send them in and I'll post them here.

Info Info
Bits of info picked up here and there...Mr. Lynch as acting teacher...the other Richard Lynch...etc.

For Fun For Fun
Some fun things to do and read.


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Please sign the new guestbook (click link above). The old guestbook filled up and I lost the first four entries before I realized it! :( Click to read all of the wonderful entries in Guestbook 1.

I want to thank everyone who has signed the guestbook and/or sent me e-mail with all your wonderful words of encouragement for the site. I've had a blast putting it together and maintaining it. I will keep looking and add to the site when I can. I appreciate those who have contributed information so that this page can evolve. Thank you all!

Dedication My Dedication to the incomparable Mr. Lynch.


* Richard Lynch is my favorite actor. I first saw him on the pilot episode of "Starsky & Hutch" playing a hitman, Zane (and according to guestbook entries and e-mail I've received, I'm not the only one who remembers the performance). Soon after I saw him in The Seven-Ups and I knew he had the right stuff to last in this business. He did a lot of tv in the 70's and 80's, so I caught many of his performances and I regret I didn't have a VCR at the time. He moved into B movies in the 80's and I still can't figure out why he hasn't done anything more mainstream than Invasion USA (and it's really just another action flick). If you're not familiar with his work, catch Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story and Necronomicon and "Highlander" episode "Blind Faith" for a dizzying range of characterizations that would make a less talented actor cringe! (And then you can watch Midnight Confessions or "Baywatch" episode "Deep Trouble" and find out how his talent can be totally wasted...except that his fans get to see him one more time. ;) After reading scores of movie reviews across the web, I noticed one thing: even if the reviewer panned the movie, Richard Lynch's performance was never trashed. In fact, he was occasionally called the one exception in an otherwise bad production.

* This is my tribute to Richard Lynch. After scouring the web for weeks, I've found a few tidbits of information I want to share here. Plus a few photos. There's not much information out there right now, so I'll keep looking.


Tribute to Richard Lynch last updated January 26, 2003.


Tribute to Richard Lynch went online December 25, 1997:

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DISCLAIMER: This disclaimer used to say that this isn't an official site and that I'm not connected with Mr. Lynch in anyway. All that has changed! Mr. Lynch made the site official on September 2, 2001 when we met at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I'm still not really connected to him except that I've met him in person! *g* He's a wonderful, gracious man, and I am deeply grateful to him for bestowing his blessing upon this humble site. The Official Richard Lynch Website (formerly known as the Tribute to Richard Lynch) is maintained out of love, not profit. Copyright holders retain the rights to their material. All screen captures are not meant to infringe on anyone's copyrights, but to showcase Mr. Lynch's extraordinary screen presence.
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